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Auto export to webpage

Hello, Pinboarders! I have a question - and please delete or let me know if I'm not asking in the right place.

Right now, I have a fic rec site that is automatically updated when I save links to Delicious and tag them a certain way. It's a Delicious script, I have no idea how it works, I'm just glad it does. it's some kind of a javascript feed that lets me update both sites with one click.

Is there a pinboard equivalent? Here's a page from my site if anyone wants to view the source to see what I'm talking about.


Kink meme script

Last December, a kink meme mod asked me if there were any tools out there to assist in getting meme prompts into Pinboard. Naturally, there are not. So we made one, and after six months of iterative development, I have something that might be useful for the subset of people who are in charge of maintaining Pinboard archives of Livejournal kink meme prompts.

Before all three of you get too excited, here are the requirements for using the script:

1. Your kink meme must be on Livejournal, in a journal using the Minimalism S2 style and customized comment pages.
2. You must be using Firefox. (Possibly the script will work in Chrome under Tampermonkey, but that is completely untested.)

Get the script here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/169955 (If you get a Bad Gateway error, refresh until it goes away.)

Should have all the screenshots and instructions you need, but drop me a line if you try it out and have trouble. It's only been tested on a few different memes, and it's heavily dependent on the LJ style of the journal (needs to be able to find very specific bits of HTML in the comment page) so if your kink meme's LJ style is too customized, it probably won't work.

Also maybe drop me a line if you end up using this thing, even if you don't have issues? It's a pretty complicated script, and it will be very sensitive to LJ and Pinboard HTML/Javascript changes, which means it could break without warning when either company makes a code change. The install counts at userscripts.org are broken, so I won't be able to tell how many people have installed it, and if I don't think many people are relying on it, I probably won't be very prompt about fixing it since I won't be using it myself.

Export by Tag/Bulk "Copy to mine"

Hi there. I wanted to export some of my pinboard bookmarks, but not all. Is there a way to export by tag?

I also have a friend who has bookmarked several pages for me in her account. I want to add them all to my pinboard account (there are about 10). Is there a way to "copy to mine" without doing each one individually?
I've updated my tan-and-brown userstyle so that it works with the new tag bundling feature. As usual it can be found on userstyles.org here.

If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know!

Crossposted from [community profile] pinboard.

Bundles of joy

Tag bundles are now available on Pinboard! LET US REJOICE.

Questions Maciej has addressed on Twitter about the feature:

  • There is currently no way to see tags by bundle when saving a new link, but he said he'd think about how to incorporate something along those lines.

  • There is no bundle importer from delicious.

  • The bundles list box is not pasteable; you have to move tags into it individually.

  • He has no plans to make bundles available within the bookmarklets.

  • One user has reported getting an error message when trying to save a large number of tags to a bundle. Refreshing fixed the problem, but it's happened to her more than once. He's working on fixing it.

  • The filter in the bundling editor only works with the beginning of tags, not character sequences anywhere within them.

  • If you have the Stylish add-on activated, you'll need to deactivate it to be able to use tag bundles. [EDIT: This does not seem to be universal, so check to make sure--you might be able to keep yours.]

Updated Pinboard skin/user style

I've made some tweaks to my Pinboard skin so that rounded corners will work with CSS3 in Firefox4+ browsers.

Crossposted to Dreamwidth.

Archiving sites

The recent post on archival accounts reminded me of a question I have been meaning to ask. Do websites get re-archived if they change? I'm thinking of two circumstances:

1. I bookmark a site and the site later goes down - will the archive save a copy of the site as it looked when I bookmarked it?

2. But what about WIPs? If I bookmark an AO3 work in progress, will the archive get updated when new chapters are added to the bottom or will the archive stay the way the site looked when I first bookmarked it (saving only the first chapter, for example)?

I'm guessing it keeps the sites as they looked when they were bookmarked, which means I should go back and re-bookmark all the fics that were WIPs when I initially bookmarked them.
Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has an archival account at Pinboard? I'm thinking about getting one, but many of the links I bookmark are on Livejournal or AO3, meaning sites that have "click to proceed" warnings. Does Pinboard get around those or would I end up with an archive full of "click to proceed" pages?

Thank you in advance.

PinToDW 0.8

I've updated PinToDW to version 0.8. (I've also started using version numbers, as you see. I'm actually wondering about using SourceForge or GitHub. If someone has Opinions about software repositories, I'd love to hear them.)

This version brings support for categories, i.e. you can now separate your bookmarks depending on how they're tagged. If you post fandom tags, you may want to separate Art from Fics from Vids, for example, and now you can do it very simply.

I've also separated the configuration file, which will make it easier for future updates, as you'll just have to change the actual script file.

Finally, you'll now be able to post your bookmarks uncut.

I've (barely) updated the tutorial. Do not hesitate to holler if something's not clear. In true coder's fashion, I hate writing documentation.

Future (hypothetical) developments are available at the Changelog page. Given that I plan to support Delicious (on one side) and Livejournal (on the other) in the near future, the name "PinToDW" will become irrelevant soon. Any suggestions on a catchier name will be received with gratitude :)

Any suggestions for future development are also welcome. I'm not promising I can fit everything, but I can try.

You can follow all the posts about PinToDW on my Dreamwidth journal using the tech:pintodw tag.

New Pinboard Things

So much excellence on Pinboard recently!

1. URL pages now list all the people who have bookmarked a page, and include their tags, description and date saved. (Interestingly, my Date Lines script now seems to work nicely on URL pages thanks to the update, but if you use Sort Visible Links you should update to the latest version of the script to prevent it from trying -- and then failing -- to work there.)

2. Public profile pages! (Well, public to anyone logged into Pinboard.) Enable your profile by going to settings->privacy and choosing "Enable public profile". Then a link to your profile page will appear in the top nav menu, and you can go there to set up it up. Of particular interest to fandom: you can indicate your accounts on various websites, including LJ, Dreamwidth and AO3. AMAZING.

3. Check out the new Pinboard directory to see all the public profiles that have already been enabled.

Crossposted to DW: http://pinboard.dreamwidth.org/8253.html